Helpful Tips for Arriving & Checking In!

Address: 238 W Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15219

Parking: The Station Square Parking Garage is the nearest parking lot and is $5 for 4 hours. The address for the parking garage is: 301 W Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. There is also street parking available in front of the GlassHouse Pittsburgh apartment complex.

Accessing the marina: You will enter the marina through either the stairwell or elevators right behind Texas De Brazil under the ‘LANDING MARINA’ sign, as shown in photo. You will then walk across the balcony towards the water where you will find another stairwell and elevator to access the marina.

*Please note, there are no bathrooms at the marina. The nearest bathroom is across the street in the brick ‘Wesco’ building directly across the street from Texas De Brazil. Enter through the automatic double glass doors and the bathrooms are located in the back left corner behind the elevators. There is a security guard there 24/7 who can provide them a code for the bathroom door at any time. Address for Wesco Building: 225 W Station Square Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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Check In Process:

When you arrive at the marina, take a right and you will find our team set up.

Check in with our staff who will be located at the picnic table shown who will check your driver’s license, confirmation code, and confirm you understand all rules.

Once you check in, you’ll grab your life jackets (provided) and our staff will go over instructions for operating a jet ski prior to you hitting the water.

*If you arrive early, we’ll have space for you to sit. If the jet skis are available and you’re ready, we’ll let you hit the water early!

We will have space to securely store your belongings while out on the water if you’d like. We also provide dry bags to hold your phone, wallet and any other important items along with a full compartment so you can take anything you want with you out on the water.

A drivers license is required to be onboard at all times for each operator. The ID must match either your boaters certificate, or your temporary boaters certificate. If you do not have a drivers license, you will need an alternative form of ID that shows the following information:

  • Photo
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Height
  • Full name (Must match certificate)
  • Date of birth

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